Image by Maxx Gong


An Outcome Driven Candidate

Hi, I"m Dee Grey. I'm trans-non-binary and my pronouns are they/them. I want to take this time to talk about my foundational beliefs.

My values are from the seeds of Utah. Growing up my favorite scripture was Matthew 7:16. In short, by their fruits you will know them. This scripture spoke to me in my youth, and throughout my life for a lot of reasons.

But it's strongest meaning for me, is understanding the value of outcomes. Real outcomes that consider the larger impact that my actions, love, kindness, anger, and hate may create.

But what most people miss about this scripture, is that not all fruit is good for all people. For a person allergic to strawberries, there is no pure fruit a strawberry bush can grow that would not be corrupt to that person.

It's time to understand that we all come from the same tree, even if our fruit is a little different. Let's use where we came from to build better outcomes for everyone in Utah