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Kindness is Listening

Our teachers deserve better. I will apply a Business Agility approach to improving our education system. This means making Education a viable, and valuable, by listening to the educators themselves.

We need to attract people to education as one of the best options for careers. We have the budget to do so, let's attract the same leaders we want in our businesses to our education system. Our kids deserve the best, not the cheapest.


Kindness is Feedback

I firmly believe in the value of personal faith. I grew up being taught the same thing as most other people in Salt Lake City; limited government, community service, acting based on the best information we have, not on the whims of the day.

These values still drive me today. I will bring kindness to this conversation by creating a shared understanding of how our legislation impacts Utahn's liberty.

From being able to make our own medical decisions, who we can love, and how our community builds wealth, I commit to liberty-driven principles that recognize the impact to all of Utah's communities.


Kindness is Accountability

Our politicians on the Hill have regularly shown an inability to be accountable for their actions. From wasting money changing the Cannabis legislation, to ignoring the science behind pollution that drains our lakes and reduces the lung quality of our children.

These aren't natural consequences. They are the outcomes of policy choices. In order to hold our politicians accountable for these outcomes, we must be willing to vote for new representation.

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